17th May 2020

Power and Energy Society chapter of IEEE SB ASIET hosted a webinar on the topic ‘Know your society: All about IEEE PES’ on 17th May 2020 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at Cisco WebEx. The session was handled by Mr. Amal J Nellickan, who has been a proactive volunteer of IEEE SB ASIET since the past three years.

The webinar was all about IEEE PES chapter. Amal focused on the PES member benefits, scholarships, grants and opportunities. And he also conferred about how can we make use of our membership in an effective manner. For that, he gave some expert advice also. The session was very helpful for the people to got some extra knowledge on power and energy society, and also it motived the people to get a membership as well as to renew the membership.